Unity board

Made-In-Nigeria Fully Featured Development Board
A platform that brings the internet of things to your fingertips with the possibility of using smart technologies to solve unique problems
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The AI platform for STEAM EDUCATION
An embedded AI STEAM Education Kit that drives learning and teaching of IoT, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
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A complete IoT solution

Multiple Communication Modules
Program the board directly from your mobile device by using our multiple communication channels
Arduino Shield
Migrate easily to a familiar programming environment with our arduino compatibility

Smart Monitoring

Connect advance monitoring devices with easy inputs for sensors

Unity Board Is A Platform For The Next Industrial Revolution

     We know the world is rapidly changing and advancement in technology is now shifting how people learn, act live and work leading to change in skill requirements.

     An astonishing prediction was made by the world economy  which says that for each job lost, there would be four more required to fill it’s place


Technology is advancing and the application of this technology requires people with skills to operate them, this leads to a new kind of problem — increase in employment opportunities but a shortage of employees with the skills to occupy both new and existing roles. 

Swift Change In Direction

The obvious challenge ahead is , many people will lack the neccessary skills to fill the new roles in economies and societies that will soon be totally different.

A time has come were normal communication with our physical world is becoming more advanced , the fourth industrial revolution defined by fusion of digital, physical and biological world is the current development in which uprising technologies such Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence Robotics,Internet of things (IoT), cloud computing and 3d printing are changing the way we live and work,

The Rise of Automation  


We no longer have to control most electrical devices manually , with the internet of things (IoT) home appliances – as simple as light bulbs, air conditioning unit, refrigerators to more complex devices such as manufacturing equipment in industries, heart monitoring equipments in hospitals, irrigation system in farms can now be controlled with a simple board. 

This board can be linked to something as basic as a mobile device were sophisticated equipment can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world and told what to do with just a mobile phone !

With the application of this technology a huge cost of operation would be saved, but the effect would also put a lot of people out of job

 Fault In Our Education

With the emergence of this rapidly changing technology, the educational tools techniques and curriculum that we have been using for decades may no longer be fit for this purpose, this calls for the government to focus on the kind of education which is needed to prepare learners and education systems for the 4th industrial revolution

A Sea Of Possibilities

Unity board is a board made for Nigerians by Nigerians

Taking into account our economic, social and environmental conditions 

It has the ability to educate; teachers industrialist, researchers and students on key disciplines such as AI, IoT and Robotics that would prepare them to create, thrive and operate tools necessary for the fourth industrial revolution

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